Blue Applicator Sponge by Dixie Belle Paint Company

Blue Applicator Sponge | Dixie Belle


Dixie Belle’s famous Blue Sponge!

Fits perfectly in your hand and makes applying top coat’s a breeze!

Use for their;
• Chalk Mineral Paint
• Terra Clay Paint
• Silk All-In-One Paint
• Gator Hide

Or in fact, any top coat or clear coat of your choice!

Rinse well after each use and it will last ages.

Instructions for use:
• Place a small amount of your top coat on a paper plate (just enough for one coat)
• Slightly dampen the sponge with clean water
• Holding one end of the sponge in your palm, dip the other flat side into the top coat gently, not too much
• Apply to your piece in thin, even layers, end to end in the same direction
• Rinse your sponge and place it and the plate in a sealed plastic bag
• Let dry for the recommended time, then repeat
• Rinse out your sponge thoroughly

Dispose of your sponge when it starts to degrade (small pieces may come away).

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