Chinoiserie Transfer | Belles & Whistles of Dixie Belle | 24” x 37.2”


Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment with Dixie Belle’s Chinoiserie Rub-On Furniture Transfer. This exquisite design captures fanciful European interpretations of Chinese elegance, featuring graceful birds, intricate florals, and more. Perfect for enhancing chalk-painted furniture, glass, metal, fabric, and craft projects.

Bring the allure of Chinoiserie to your creative endeavors as you revamp your furniture or infuse charm into various DIY projects. The transfer applies effortlessly, transforming surfaces into masterpieces with its captivating motifs.

Embrace the timeless beauty of Chinoiserie with this versatile Rub-On Furniture Transfer. Let your imagination flourish as you create a stunning garden of elegance in your living spaces. Elevate your artistry today with this mesmerizing transfer!


*Allow paint to dry for 24 hours before applying transfer* (if the paint is chalky, it may need sealing first).

• Once you are ready to apply the transfer gently pull back the clear release sheet to separate the transfer from its protective paper. Gently unroll your transfer.

• Decide where you would like to place it before removing the protective backing paper.

• Tape your transfer down to prevent it from moving while you apply it.

• You can gently lift the clear release sheet to check that it has adhered completely.

• Working from the outside edge inward, apply pressure to release the transfer.

• Transfers are sensitive to pressure and release when you rub them.

• Transfers can be layered, distressed or sealed.

Size: 24” x 37.2” (4 sheets).

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

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