Delicate Fleur Large Teak Bowl | LITTLE WHITE BIRD | 25cm x 10cm


This is a large deep bowl made from gorgeous rich and glossy natural teak. It has been hand-painted with a large lower stripe of Brook, a romantic green, and topped off with a slimmer stripe of Little Whale, a pale but luminescent blue; together they bring images of a beautiful summer’s day.

Lots of flowers were then added, plus a Bee! And finally several coats of satin varnish for protection and a little sheen, to highlight those lovely florals.

The inside has been treated with 100% natural hemp oil, which is food grade safe making this bowl ideal as a fruit bowl. However it could used for any purpose you desire and is an ideal gift.. who couldn’t put a beautiful bowl to use :)

It has a diameter of 25cm and is 10cm deep.

Please check my care instructions for care advice; wood doesn’t love too much water so only use a damp lint-free cloth for cleaning.

At Little White Bird, my wish is to turn unloved furniture into desirable pieces again. The furniture pieces are reloved, reimagined and reawakened so may bear the marks of a tale already told. Each piece is utterly unique, hand-finished with love and dedication to perfection.

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