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Fabulous Fuchsia Dry Rub Transfer by Aussie Decor Transfers.

Absolutely GORGEOUS, stunningly bright colours!

Fabulous Fuschia bell flowers and beautiful hummingbrids galore!

Sizes are:

Image 1 - with solo green hummingbird and fuschia hanging blossoms - 36.8cm x 35.1cm (14.49" x 13.82")

Image 2 - with 2 hummingbirds and Fuschia blossoms - 37cm x 37cm (14.57" x 14.57")

Image 3 - with 3 hummingbirds and Fuschia blossoms - 50cm x 33.3cm (19.69" x 13.11")

Image 4 - teal/purple hummingbird (there's 3!!!) - 20cm x 17cm (7.87" x 6.69"), 15cm x 17.7cm (5.91" x , 6.97") and 11cm x 17cm (4.33" x 6.69")

Image 5 - green/yellow hummingbird - 15.2cm x 11cm (5.98" x 4.33")

Image 6 - blue/green hummingbird with long tail - 11cm x 15.7cm (4.33" x 6.18")

Image 7 - multicoloured hummingbird - 11cm x 12.5cm (4.33"x 4.92")

Each image is individually cut for ease of use.

Individual image size on product label.

Aussie Decor Transfer which can be used on walls, furniture, wood, mirrors and glass!

Re-invent your living space, furniture and design projects with this extremely easy-to-use product.

Simply peel off the backing, apply to your surface and rub on using the enclosed tool (full instructions included).

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

NOTE: This product may be dispatched directly from the distributor.

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