Patina Shading Wax | Copper | Posh Chalk | 30ml


Posh Chalk Patina Shading Wax in Copper. This is an oil-based metallic shading wax, great for giving a project depth and a touch of glam.

They come in these six stunning shades:

• Black
• Byzantine Gold
• Copper
• Dark Brown
• Pale Gold
• Silver

Each pot is 30ml.

Additionally available, five gorgeous bright colours in their New Aqua Patina (water-based):

• Blue Fthalo
• Blue Prussian
• Primary Green
• Red Medium Cadmium
• Violet

This product can be applied using a brush or light stroking with your fingers if you are hands-on kind of crafter.

Works extremely well on many surfaces including metal, wood, plaster, cardboard and glass.

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

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