Mineral Paint | Gul Rock | Cornish Milk Mineral Paint | 250ml


Gul Rock by Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a light, crisp Grey and has been inspired by Gul Rock at Portreath beach. A classic take on a Dove grey which is sure to impress.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, non-chemical and no added voc's decorative paint. Made from the highest quality all natural and eco friendly ingredients, Cornish Milk offers superior coverage and requires little preparation and can be applied to almost any surface inside and outside of your home. Now in a New and Improved formula;


• New Ultra-durability, water, stain & scrub resistant top-coat, added into our premium mineral paint formula. No waxing or varnish required, unless for decorative finishes or for high traffic areas.

• Super easy to use mineral paint, offering a smooth and ultra matt finish, with an added paint extender within the formula, giving our users more time to paint and touch up if required. Drying time in-between coats is one hour.

• Environmentally-Friendly Mineral Paint, made with no added chemicals or toxins. We have stayed true to our eco-living ethos and kept Cornish Milk Earth friendly. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is 100% water based.

• Ultra-low VOC content, with only 9.0g per Litre. Cornish Milk is one of the lowest VOC decorative furniture paints on the UK market.

• Vegan & Cruelty free. No cows or animals have been used or harmed in the making of our mineral paint.

• All our Cornish colours are made with 100% real powdered earth pigments (no Synthetic dyes or stains have been used). Our pigments guarantee an even and flawless finish, which a richness of colour.

• Our new formula resists heat of up to 80ºc, which makes Cornish Milk perfect for kitchen and fire surround transformations.

• New maximum coverage technology for all your favourite Cornish Milk colours. No more extra coats or inconsistency coverage. Achieve maximum coverage with all our colours within a few coats of paint. Saving you time for more painting!

• Exterior & Interior use Mineral Paint, with a new built in weather shield with enhanced UV Protection. Can be applied to furniture, walls, wood, stone, concrete, outside furniture, stone, tiles, glass, textiles and every other paintable surface you can think of.

• A 500ml carton/tin of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® will cover up to 11-13 square metres of surface depending on the surface type.

• Dries in usually 30 minutes to one hour and cures (fully hardens) in only seven days.

• Extended shelf life of up to five years. Cornish Milk’s new tins insures your mineral paint will be fresh to use every time you want to paint.

• Our new Formula has been approved by our Official Cornish Milk Stockists.

Creating your perfect finish couldn't be any easier with this easy to use and versatile mineral paint. Cornish Milk leaves you with a smooth and brushstroke free finish, which can then be left block colour for a beautiful modern design or can also be distressed to achieve a rustic Cornish farmhouse finish.

Try for yourself to see why Cornish Milk is a much loved decorative paint -

Available in twenty five beautiful and mixable Cornish-inspired colours, in 250ml and 500ml 100% recycled and recyclable tins!


(The colours as represented have been rendered digitally and may not be identical in colour when applied to a surface. The actual colours of the applied paint will vary based on a number of factors, including lighting, surface type and any previous undercoats. We recommend that you test the paint on a test area before painting in order to see what the end results will be).

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