Mineral Paint | Natterjack | Bunty’s Paints | 500ml


Bunty’s Mineral Paint in Natterjack, in 100ml or 500ml.

Bunty’s is a homegrown brand, their products are all made in Ipswich, Suffolk!

Bunty’s paint can be used on both inside and outside projects from furniture to garden fences.

It is self-priming, self-sealing and self-levelling!! Has a fabulous depth of colour and dries to a hard-wearing eggshell finish.

Natterjack; a yellowy green colour, reminiscent of pea and ham soup!

There are 38 gorgeous colours in the range;

• B.R.G
• Battleship
• Bewitched
• Black Cherry
• Brûlée
• Clementine
• Cornflower
• Cravat
• Cream Tea
• Crumble
• Eclipse
• English Sage
• French Grey
• Goldsmith’s Green
• Granny’s Doorstep
• Grumpy
• Hanky Panky
• Horatio
• Hot Lips
• Kerfuffle
• Kingfisher
• Lagoon
• Lazy Daisy
• Legbar
• Manor House
• Moonshadow
• Natterjack
• Nightshirt
• Our Olive
• Peacock
• Putty
• Rooftops
• Sea Mist
• Tickety Boo
• Total Eclipse
• Treacle Toffee
• Vanilla
• Venice Blue

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

Bunty’s additionally offers the following great products;

• Acrylic Lacquer in Satin or Flat Matt
• Decoupage Glue & Finish
• Furniture Wax in Clear, Dark or Black
• Gilding Paste in Light Gold, Gold, Silver and Copper

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