Mica Powder | Brilliant Gold | Aussie Dust | Aussie Decor Transfers | 50g


Aussie Decor Transfers Aussie Dust in Brilliant Gold, 50g.

This is cosmetic grade mica powder and can be used to decorate furniture, fabric, resin, wood, glass, leather, pu-leather, metal and just about any other surface you can think of.

You can sprinkle them directly into your project or mix Aussie Dust with varnish, top coat, resin, waxes and other media to achieve different effects. Add more or less mica to suit your requirements of coverage.

This shade of Brilliant Gold is an all-round versatile colour for use anywhere!

PRO TIP: A little goes a long way so don’t be too generous with your portion sizes.

The full range includes six stunning metallic shades:

• Brilliant Gold
• Iridescent Mermaid Sunset
• Iridescent Neptune
• Iridescent Old Gold
• Pearl Idaho Orange
• Pearl Maggie Red

Finely ground metallic powders can be used in all of your arts and craft projects. These work perfectly with Epoxy resin and acrylic paint pours or add them to your favourite top coat.

Each pot is 50g.


1. If mixing into top coat, we recommend you use a gloss top coat that is thin and fluid. If you use a thick top coat like DB Satin, you will need to use more mica powder due to the thick consistency.

2. Always use a gloss top coat, not matte. A matte top coat will dull all that delicious mica powder shine.

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

NOTE: This product may be dispatched directly from the distributor.

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