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Bunty’s Paints hail from Ipswich, Suffolk where they make paint in small batches. Their mineral paint contains 38 colours, covering a broad spectrum of shades. It can be used on both inside and outside projects, from furniture to garden fences, and is self-priming, self-sealing and self-levelling. It has a fabulous depth of colour and dries to a hard-wearing eggshell finish (matt with a soft sheen).

They also produce various supplementary products;

• A water-based white-coloured acrylic gel Decoupage Glue and Finish, which dries clear, for applying and sealing decoupage papers. It works equally effectively on paper as thin as tissue or as thick as wallpaper and can be applied with a brush.

• Four different smooth wax-based Gilding Paste’s made to a traditional recipe, for adding decorative touches to your finished project. Available in Light Gold, Gold, Silver and Copper. Apply a thin application (by brush or finger), leave overnight to dry fully before buffing with a lint-free cloth if you wish.

• Furniture Wax made from the wax of Suffolk bees. Clear can be used on both painted furniture or plain wood to nourish and protect. Dark can be used on painted furniture to give an aged or antiqued effect and on plain wood to nourish and protect. Black is for use on painted furniture to give an aged or antiqued effect.

• Bunty’s Acrylic Lacquer is used to add extra protection to your finished project if it’s going to be subjected to hard wear. Finish Coat dries to a satin sheen or if you prefer a matt finish, choose Flat Matt. It can also be used before you paint; to seal metal, prevent bleed through, as a stain blocker etc. Apply with a brush or sponge.


Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Fish House and Blue Lobster


Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, non-solvent, non-chemical, environmentally-friendly paint and has extremely low natural VOC content with only 9g per litre, proudly containing no added VOCs.

The range of 25 beautiful and mixable Cornish-inspired mineral paint colours are made from the highest quality ingredients and organic earth pigments sourced from around the UK.

Cornish Milk offers superior coverage, requires minimal prep and can be used on almost all surfaces, inside and outside your home.

Read our ‘Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® On Your Next Project’ - found on the home page under Customer Reviews!

In addition to their incredible paint range, Cornish Milk offer revolutionary preparation tools, all designed to help speed up your prep time. Each product is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free, following Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's Eco Living Ethos. All the Cornish Milk Products contain no-chemicals, no-toxics, no-caustics, all non-skin irritant, no-VOC content at all.

• Biostrip is their environmentally-friendly paint, varnish and wax stripper. The unique formula has been developed from 100% plant-based ingredients, with none of the earth/health-damaging chemicals or toxins which you find in traditional paint strippers. Biostrip is VOC-free and yet has industrial-strength stripping abilities. It’s thick formula means that when used, the formula will not drip off your surface. Biostrip will remove and strip away all water & oil-based coatings, varnishes, primers and waxes from furniture, woods, stone, brick, concrete, plastered surfaces, plastic and many more surfaces.

• Bioclean is their environmentally-friendly plant-based furniture and hard surface cleaner which powerfully removes dirt, grease, grime and odours such as tobacco. It’s suitable for use on furniture, worktops, floors, walls, tiles, linoleum, plastic and all other non-porous surfaces. As well as being a powerful cleaner, Bioclean will remove old and stubborn stains from all the surfaces listed above, making this an all-in-one preparation cleaner for upcycling enthusiasts and everyday home cleaning.

• Traditional Eco-Primer provides the perfect environmentally-friendly base coat for furniture, interior/exterior woods, melamine and MDF surfaces. Eco-Primer has ultra-gripping adhesion, an easy-to-apply formulation, great coverage, strong durability and contains high solid pigments, which fill the grains in woods making for a smoother finish to your surface. The formula has been specially formulated to be used for interior/exterior use and made using natural ingredients, following a traditional eco-friendly and vegan recipe.


Our Brands


MINT by Michelle is a stunning range of decoupage papers, all designed especially with furniture art and refurbishment in mind. The optimum paper size, gsm and print have all been painstakingly curated and is a culmination of years of working with decoupage papers, and refurbishing furniture,  with individuality, style and artistic scope in mind.

It’s also continuously updated, to ensure they’re perfect for furniture and refurbishment purposes and to provide their customer base with more fabulous Minty selections (as well as a selection of reversible image options). So, when you buy MINT decoupage paper, you’re promised to receive papers that suit your artistry AND are always of the quality that you have come to expect.

The papers are made and manufactured in Victoria, Australia and the packaging done on site, to ensure that everything that leaves the workshop is in perfect condition.

Michelle is the founder of MINT by Michelle and a fanatical furniture revamper. It was her love of furniture, fabric and colour that drove her to open Mint in 2016 and this journey now extends to an exclusive line of Decoupage Papers, Mineral Paint and Transfers. The Transfers are the result of a collaboration between MINT by Michelle and Grace on Design, a US-based company also devoted to furniture art, to produce the limited collection; ‘A1 Artists First’ Transfers, also stocked at Little White Bird.

They’re a happy creative bunch at Mint and are all about making Furniture Revamping eeeeeeeasy!

Redesign With Prima Small Transfer Watercolour Lush

Redesign With Prima® are a worldwide, renowned manufacturer of Home Decor products created to make redesigning your living space easy and effortless.

Their mission statement is simple; to create a beautiful line of products that will inspire you, motivate you and help you to create a beautiful living space where the only limit is your imagination.

Their easy-to-use, diy products, offer you limitless creativity with a huge variety of new and exciting products from Decor Transfers®, Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper®, Decor Moulds®, to Decor Stamps® and more, letting you reinvent your furniture, living space and craft projects.

Their stunning designs cover a diverse range of genres, from the florals they are famous for, to industrial mechanics, to elegant, nature-inspired prints. With these you can easily create elegant artistry, on an old dresser, armoire, wooden bench, or your old worn leather boots!

As a woman-owned business, they are committed to inspiring all people, worldwide, to create a beautiful living space. From crafters and hobbyists to those starting a small business, Redesign With Prima® has offered a new avenue to build relationships and connections via their home decor products.

Commitment to the industry and continued expansion into a variety of new and unique products, is what drives to innovate and inspire thousands of amazing customers each day!

Little White Bird stocks a wide range of Redesign With  Prima’s stunning products, which can be mixed and matched to create truly unique pieces of art.

• Redesign With Prima Decor Transfers are so simple to use, giving stunning results in just minutes! Simply peel, rub-on, and transfer a beautifully detailed design to transform your next piece into a work of art. Transfers are easy to use and create jaw-dropping designs on a variety of surfaces from glass, metal, wood and so much more!

• If you are new to Decor Transfers or just want to work on a small project, Small Decor Transfers are a great way to get started. They work just like the original Decor Transfers; simply peel the protective sheet off, place the design down on your furniture and rub. Each 6″x12″ package includes THREE separate sheets of different designs. Try them on chairs, jewellery armoires, small tables and nightstands, mirrors, frames, and so much more.

• Discover a new way to decorate your furniture and decor pieces with Redesign Decor Tissue Paper. Made to be a decorative specialty sheet especially designed for furniture specifically, these beautiful sheets feature a machine-made fibrous texture for a delicate and unique look. The thicker width allows for easier usage, placement and durability, while being tear resistant unlike thinner tissue materials. This allows for a brighter and more vibrant look and finish. Great for furniture and collage décor.

• Re·Design Rice Paper. Each beautiful sheet is a delicate, thin paper made from mulberry paper fibers, a renewable resource. Known for its beautiful ability to blend into any surface, Re·Design Rice Paper is perfect for collaging, and layering, to seamlessly blend onto your furniture, walls, and home decor pieces. Use to create one-of-a-kind, blended, and detailed pieces, with little or no thickness and texture. Re·Design Rice Paper features a delicate, thin composition, making it easier to cut and alter for even the smallest projects.