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Borne of a wish to make undesirable furniture beautiful again, saving it and the planet in the process!


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We are a Buckingham based store founded by previous-sales exec, now upcycler Sam Severn in 2020, pre-pandemic!


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Offering creative thinking, incredible products and outstanding service to become a cornerstone of the Upcycling Industry.


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We work with a highly curated assortment of domestic and international brands, who create best-in-class products that we simply love to use ourselves.


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Choose from those ready for their forever home or commission your own - redesigning something you already own or we can work together to source a suitable piece.


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Wherever possible, all our items are individually wrapped in white tissue paper, providing that gift-like feel even when treating yourself! We reduce our carbon footprint by only using fully recyclable packaging and reusing packaging received from our suppliers.


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Standard and speedy delivery across all retail products £3.95, or free over £30!

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Aussie Decor Transfers

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Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

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MINT by Michelle

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Two Fussy Blokes


Customer Reviews

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® On Your Next Project

Learn why CMMP should be your paint of choice for your next furniture painting project!

Reason 1 - Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is 100% water-based environmentally-friendly Mineral Paint, with no added chemicals or toxins.

Reason 2 - Ultra-low VOC content, with only 9.0g per Litre. Cornish Milk is one of the lowest VOC decorative furniture paints on the UK market.

Reason 3 - Super easy to use mineral paint, offering a smooth and ultra matt finish with fabulous coverage! 

White paint notoriously requires multiple coats. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® Whites and Neutral shades require around 2-3 coats of paint for a solid finish and this can reduced further if you use a white based primer before painting.

Full coverage of the darker and brighter colours, such as Siren and Blue Lobster, can be achieved with only 1-2 coats of paint. 2-3 coats is highly recommended as the additional coats can add extra depth to your colour, but if you don't feel like your piece needs the extra coat then you don't have to!

Reason 4 - No Priming necessary as it’s built into the Cornish Milk formula, but as many like to prime as a preparation measure, there are two Cornish Milk Eco-Traditional Primer’s available in 500ml cartons; Farmhouse White and Foggy Grey.

Reason 5 - Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® has an added paint extender within the formula, giving you more time to paint and touch up if required! Drying time in-between coats is only 30 minutes to one hour and it cures in up to SEVEN days!

Reason 6 - Built-in ultra-durable, water, stain & scrub-resistant Top-Coat. No waxing or varnish required (unless for decorative finishes or for high traffic areas).

Reason 7 - Exterior & Interior Paint, with built-in weather shield with enhanced UV Protection. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® can be applied to many different paintable surfaces, including the following;

Furniture, walls, wood, stone, concrete, outside furniture, stone, tiles, glass, textiles and every other paintable surface you can think of. 

If you can paint it, then Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® will be the paint to use, as it’s the UK's all-in-one mineral paint.

Reason 8 - Vegan & Cruelty-free. No cows or animals have been used or harmed in the making of CMMP mineral paint.

Reason 9 - Made using organic earth pigments (no synthetic dyes or stains have been used). The pigments guarantee an even and flawless finish, which a richness of colour.

Reason 10 - Sold in 100% recycled and recyclable tins, staying true to Cornish Milk’s eco-friendly ethos!


Joe and Reece, the creators of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® decided in 2021 to make vital changes, to enhance Cornish Milk’s beautiful formula and make it even more luxury for their users.

They spent twelve months working on the formula in collaboration with one of the UK’s finest paint makers to make sure Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is one of the best UK mineral paints on the UK market.

Additional New Formula Benefits!

• New maximum coverage technology for all your favourite Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® colours. No additional extra coats or inconsistent coverage. Achieve maximum coverage with all colours within a few coats of paint. Saving you time for more painting!

• The new formula resists heat of up to 80ºC, which makes Cornish Milk perfect for kitchen and fire surround transformations.

• Extended shelf life of up to five years. Cornish Milk's new tins insures your mineral paint will be fresh to use every time you want to paint.

Try for yourself and see why Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is a much-loved UK decorative paint!

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Buckingham, Buckinghamshire.

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