Welcome Bunty’s Paints!

Welcome Bunty’s Paints!

Very excited to now be stocking Bunty’s Paints!

This UK brand caught my eye a few months ago and now everyone’s talking about it! The buzz has become so great, resistance was futile and Bunty’s has joined the LWB collective!

Brilliantly, Bunty’s is a homegrown brand, made in Ipswich, Suffolk. They offer 38 gorgeous colours in their mineral paint range, plus various supplementary products such as Decoupage Glue & Finish, Gilding Paste, Furniture Wax and Acrylic Lacquer… more on these below…

Their mineral paint range covers everything from brights to moody grey, can be used on both inside and outside projects, from furniture to garden fences, and is self-priming, self-sealing and self-levelling!! It has a fabulous depth of colour and dries to a hard-wearing eggshell finish (matt with a soft sheen). What’s not to love?

I’m struggling to pick my fave but it might be Bewitched, the most delicious dark navy blue.

Bunty’s supplementary range is also fantastic!

Their Gilding Pastes look utterly incredible… available in four shades; Light Gold, Gold, Silver and Copper.

If you’re a wax fan, they have Clear, Dark or Black, all made from the wax of Suffolk bees!

For decoupage, there’s a water-based Decoupage Glue and Finish, for both applying and sealing decoupage papers.

And if you want to add extra protection to your project, choose from two different Acrylic Lacquer’s; Finish Coat (dries to a satin sheen) and Flat Matt. They can also used before you paint to seal metal, prevent bleed through, as a stain blocker etc!

And the best thing is… they’re all so reasonably priced! Especially noteworthy in this current climate of skyrocketing bills. Join the ever-growing fan base and give Bunty’s a try today!

MINT by Michelle, Decoupage Papers extraordinaire!

MINT by Michelle, Decoupage Papers extraordinaire!

If you’re a furniture upcycler and love decoupage, these papers are for you! MINT decoupage papers are all designed especially with furniture art and refurbishment in mind.

MINT was created by Michelle (who is self-described as a fanatical furniture revamper!) in 2016. Michelle loves furniture, fabric and colour, in that order, and was driven to create beauty of her own, in this range of functional and accessible art.

The optimum paper size, gsm and print have all been painstakingly curated personally by Michelle and is a culmination of years of working with decoupage papers, and refurbishing furniture with individuality, style and artistic scope in mind. They are happily made and manufactured in beautiful Victoria, Australia.

The range covers many genres, from Renaissance Art to Impressionism to Surrealism, there’s something for everyone!

And there are now six designs available as reverse images: Geisha, Madam La Fevre, Sepia Horses, Study in Black & Green, White Swan, and Young Girl Reading so you can have great fun with mirror-imaging if you wish!

Last but by no means least, do not forget to check out the MINT by Michelle/Grace on Design ‘Artists First’ Transfer Collab whilst you’re here… as soon as I saw them, I HAD to stock them - just beautiful!