‘Stick With Me’ | Dixie Shine Glue | Belles & Whistles | Dixie Belle | 100ml



‘Stick With Me’ Dixie Shine Foil Glue, for use with Dixie Shine Foils.

Easy to use, add gorgeous shine to your project by applying Dixie Shine wherever you use the glue!

Dixie Shine available separately in Copper, Silver and Gold;

Copper is a vibrant color bound to add a pop to any project.

Silver will add some bling to your piece with its stunning sparkle and shine.

Gold is a true gold hue certain to give your projects a regal, elegant flair.

Package includes 1 x pot of Dixie Shine Glue 100ml.


You need to use a Finishing Pad or burnishing stick to rub the shine off the transfer paper (if you don’t have these.. try an old toothbrush!).

Apply Dixie Shine ‘Stick With Me’ Glue, following the directions.

Position Dixie Shine over the top of the glue, and burnish with a Dixie Belle Finishing Pad.

Remove and the Shine will be transferred onto your piece!

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

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