Foils | Mother’s Pearls | Aussie Wonderfoil | Aussie Decor Transfers | 4cm x 100cm


Aussie Wonderfoil ‘Mother’s Pearls’ by Aussie Decor Transfers.

This is an incredible product whereby you can cover larger or specific areas quickly and easily in these beautiful foils to amazing effect!

Use them in your craft projects, on furniture, anything you feel needs a bit of shimmer and shine!

Check out the rest! There are seven fabulous Design Collection’s in the range:

• Aztec Candy
• Black Lace
• Furs
• Mother’s Pearls
• New Year Sparkle
• Skins
• Watercolours

Each pack contains 10 different design rolls with each individual roll 4cm x 100cm / 1.57” x 39.37”.

To be used with Aussie Wonderfoil Size (Foil Glue) - available separately or as a multi-buy.


1. Make sure your project is clean and dry. Ensure the surface area on your project has been sealed with a water-based sealer which has been left to dry overnight before applying the Aussie Wonderfoil.

2. Apply Aussie’s Wonderfoil Size (glue) to the area you want to apply the Aussie Wonderfoil (apply freehand OR through a Mylar stencil for great effect - check out Aussie Decor Transfers Extra Large Stencils!).

3. Let the size dry so that it is clear and tacky.

4. Once the size is tacky, place the Aussie Wonderfoil over the areas where you have used the size - NB. the Aussie Wonderfoil needs to be shiny patterned side up!

5. Rub the shiny side of the Aussie Wonderfoil using our Dry Rub Black Tool, all over the area you have added the size.

6. Lift away the Aussie Wonderfoil. Check the transference. If you want to add more foil to your project or you have missed a spot, you can lay it down again and rub once more.

7. Seal with water-based sealer only.

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

NOTE: This product may be dispatched directly from the distributor.

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