Artists First Transfer | Splendid Flora | Mint by Michelle/Grace on Design | 23.4” x 66.2”



Splendid Flora, one of seven brand new ‘A1 Artists First’ transfer designs, an exclusive new collaboration by MINT by Michelle and Grace on Design.

These two decoupage powerhouses have come together for the first time to create a vibrant and collaborative line of transfers. Proving that beauty happens when you put Artists First and business second.

Splendid Flora is named Splendid due to it’s size! This is one of two massive designs (the other being Remarkable Garden) and is double the size of the other five in the range. The elements come ready for individual use or can be combined together in a design only your creativity can create!

The transfer comes as 16 x A4 sheets, which can be applied as a whole or cut into individual parts.

Did you know that transfers can be used on walls, furniture, wood, mirrors and glass!


1. If your piece is painted, make sure the paint is dry. Make sure area is clean and dust free.

2. Peel backing off release paper.

3. Position where desired and press down to adhere. Place adhesive side on area you wish to apply image.

4. Using applicator, rub on top of release paper until image has transferred to desired object.

5. Peel release paper off.

6. Burnish (rub gently with your fingers) the image to check adhesive as well as getting any air bubbles out.

7. You’re done!! Isn’t it fabulous?

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

NOTE: This product may be dispatched directly from the distributor.

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