Chiselled Wedge Paintbrush | Zibra | Edging, Trimming & Flat Surfaces


The Zibra Chiselled Wedge Paintbrush has come to the UK! Combination flat and angled head guarantees maximum paint load for long runs. This brush is reaching iconic status amongst upcycler’s in the US and it’s now here for you to try.

The chiselled wedge is ideal for edging, trimming and flat surfaces, all paints and applications. It means straighter lines, more coverage and fewer dips than the standard trim brush. Suitable for all paints and stains.

Straight from the striped horse’s mouth ;p...

Angled Sash Trim Brush features an hourglass-shaped wooden handle for comfort and an angled head for smooth, uniform coverage. This brush is ideal for trim and detail work.


Extremely smooth and easy painting

Contractor construction with aluminum inserts

Unique hourglass handle design - no more sore hands!

25% more proprietary white filaments in each brush head

Maximum pick up & release of paint through micro-tip flagged filaments

Stainless steel ferrule with HD aluminum insert

Caring for your brushes -

Remove excess paint with brush, comb or tool. Clean with warm water and detergent. If needed, rinse with mineral spirits and re-clean with detergent. Shake out excess water and place in brush package to let dry and retail shape.

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