Mineral Paint | Blueberry | Bunty’s Paints | 100ml or 500ml


Bunty’s Mineral Paint in Blueberry, in 100ml or 500ml. Unleash your inner artist with this most lushest of dark berry tones, destined to lend vibrancy and sophistication to your home styling.

Bunty’s is a brilliant water-based mineral paint, ideal for all furniture and craft projects! It has terrific coverage, making it easy to create a smooth, hardwearing brushstroke-free finish, with no need to wax or varnish (unless it’s a high traffic area when it’s generally advisable - and Bunty’s Acrylic Lacquer is ideal!).

Available in 36 fabulous colours, all made in the UK and two sizes, 100ml project pots and 500ml.

Bunty’s is self-priming, self-levelling and self-sealing and can be used on both inside and outside projects. It’s built-in UV filter prevents fading and being waterproof, can withstand the weather! Intense pigments produce a fabulous depth of colour and it dries to a hard-wearing eggshell finish (a soft sheen).

Qualities that make Bunty’s great!

• Super adhesion - suitable for use on wood, plastic, metal, glass, plaster, tiles, concrete, upvc.

• Self-priming - a separate primer isn’t necessary!

• Self-levelling - brush in long strokes, slightly overlapping to maintain that wet edge, don’t overwork and you’ll find it dries without those dreaded brushstrokes!

• Self-sealing - the built-in topcoat means additional protection isn’t necessary.

• Dries quickly - within one hour (for best results, leave 2-4 hours between coats).

• Durable - after 30 days, it will have cured to a scuff- and chip-resistant finish.

• Moisture-resistant - perfect for all projects, both inside and out!

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

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