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Chapel on Poppy Hill Self-Adhesive Decoupage Print by Aussie Decor Transfers.

A1 59.4cm x 84cm or 23.4" x 33.1"

0.16mm thickness

No more mess, no more fuss and no more wrinkles! Our self-adhesive decoupage prints are the easiest decoupage paper you will ever apply, requiring no glue, water or heat.

1. Simply peel the backing sheet down enough to stick to the surface of your project.

2. Using our blue applicator tool, smooth the image onto your project, working from the middle out to each side.

3. Slowly peel the backing paper away as you go, until your image is completely adhered.

4. To seal your image, use a good quality water based topcoat or wax. Do not use any oil based products over your image.

Top Tips -

• Make sure your project is clean and dry. Ensure the surface area on your project has been sealed and is dry before applying the print.

• Carefully take your print out of the tube and gently lay it flat for 48 hours before use. Do not try to roll it back on itself to flatten it out. Do not struggle with it or try to smooth it out.

• Find the middle point on both your project and your print, so that you get the image central.

• Along the shortest edge, peel back about 5cm (2”) of the backing paper and fold it down. This will be your starting edge - don’t peel all of the backing paper off - you don’t want to become one with the print!

• Lay the print down on your project in the same direction that it has been rolled. Most of the images are landscape and have been rolled portrait. It is easier to work with the direction of the roll, rather than the direction of the print.

• Use the felt end of our blue self-adhesive decoupage applicator tool to push the air bubbles out in sweeping motions, working from the centre outwards, while gently pulling the backing paper off slowly with your other hand as you go. You need to apply pressure with the tool and really burnish the image onto the project.

• Continue to do this until the backing paper is all removed. Check for air bubbles as you go. If you are covering drawers or cupboard fronts, you will need a sharp craft knife to neatly cut around the edges of the drawers/doors once the print is on.

• Use the applicator tool to burnish the print well and adhere the print to your project. Paying extra attention to any cut edges. Seal the edges of the print, including any cut edges with a water based sealer. Do not use PVA glue to seal your print.

• As your self-adhesive decoupage print is made from PVC vinyl there is no need to seal the top.

• Check out our tutorials on how to use the Self Adhesive Decoupage print on our social pages;

Please note colours can vary due to differing screen resolutions.

NOTE: This product may be dispatched directly from the distributor.

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