The inception of Little White Bird

So I thought I’d introduce you to me... Sam, creator and curator of this whole shebang and how Little White Bird came about. Or hatched, ha!

There’s not an uncommon start to this tale, in that I became a mum and wanted to spend more time with my son (plus in truth, also flex my long-ignored creative muscles) so the full-time sales job had to go. After trying my hand at resin (too faffy) and Fimo (too fiddly), my other half suggested furniture upcycling - which I had considered but thought we didn’t have the space for.

However, with his support, I found and attended a great course held by Oli at OP Woodcraft (I highly recommend), which told me I’d found my niche! There is sooo much beautiful furniture out there but it’s outdated and unwanted. Upcycling, with all it’s possibilities, makes it desirable again... plus unique, bespoke, recycled... the list goes on!

I was lucky to be approached to do some commissions very quickly and fell in love with the products I was using, so much so I wanted to retail them! Since then, I’ve added more and more quite simply incredible products by amazing brands, from across the water and right here in the UK - I hope you agree!

As for the name, I’ve always been a prolific reader (my parents like to remind me they drove to France one year and apparently I had my nose in a book the whole way!) and around the time I was trying to come up with a meaningful business name, rediscovered a much loved book given to me by my Dad on my 8th birthday, ‘The Brothers Grimm Complete Fairy Tales’. Being a girly girl, I’m not ashamed to admit a personal fave is, you guessed it, Cinderella. And in their version, her wishes aren’t granted by a fairy godmother but by a little white bird...