Welcome to the newest kid on the LWB block… Posh Chalk!

Welcome to the newest kid on the LWB block… Posh Chalk!

Long admired, their iridescent Posh Chalk Metallic Pigments magically turn powder into paint comparable to molten metal and unbelievably they’ve just improved on perfection by introducing their new Posh Chalk Pigments Deluxe Infusor. Mix pigment with this incredible product and the resulting paint will knock your socks off! Posh Chalk Pigments come in ten gorgeous shades, can be sprinkled, mixed with any top coat and also work perfectly with Epoxy resin and acrylic paint pours. How amazing is that!

Want to have fun with your projects? Try a Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Paste! These work great with stencils, smeared over quickly and easily with a palette knife and, this is the fun bit… add heat and watch it POP! The paste will literally bubble before your eyes for a completely novel 3D effect and you get to choose from 18 stunning colours! Plus there are three additional colours in a Textured version for added, yep, texture!

DID YOU KNOW? Posh Chalk Pastes contain essential oils and each one has it’s own unique scent! Adding heat will make that aroma fill the air and your projects smell divine. And you can even mix colours to create your own alchemy.

The fun continues with Posh Chalk Patinas. These come in two versions, original oil-based and the newer water-based, named Aqua Patina. Six metallic shades in the oil, five gorgeous brights in the water, these metallic shading waxes are so easy to use and perfect for adding drama, depth and glam! Just get stuck in, apply with your finger and enjoy watching the lights come on.

COMING SOON! ‘The Precious Collection.’ They’ve ramped up the luxury once more with this hyper-metallic collection, just in time for Christmas!

And don’t forget to check out their new range of brushes. Two different sizes of Spalter (at a fantastic price compared to another well-known brand!), a Natural Bristle Wax Extender Brush and Premium Stencil Brush.

Phew! I won’t even tell you about their ranges of Decoupage Papers and Stencils still to come, enough already! :)