There’s so much to love about… Cornish Milk Mineral Paint!

There’s so much to love about… Cornish Milk Mineral Paint!

I don’t know where to start with what makes Cornish Milk Mineral Paint great… it’s made in the UK, yay! Incredible Cornwall to be exact, double yay! In fact, the colour range is inspired by the colours that surround St Agnes and Camborne, where Joe and Reece, the owners and creators of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint are based.

They have been furniture painters for 14 years and in 2018, realised they could improve on the current furniture paint offering, with a terrific environmentally friendly formula, and have carried this through to every aspect of their business - even the packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable!

In 2020, Cornish Milk Mineral Paint was born, a wonderful water-based paint which gives a beautifully smooth, durable and matt finish and is available in 25 stunning colours (with more to come but I didn’t tell you that ;)).

Furthermore, in 2021, these guys felt they could improve on the formula even more and so did! This stuff even has an added paint extender, giving you more time to achieve the Mecca of most furniture painters - an enviable brushstroke-free finish! 

It can be applied to just about every other paintable surface you can think of; furniture, walls, wood, stone, concrete, outside furniture, stone, tiles, glass and textiles.

It’s an all-in-one product as a primer isn’t necessary - it’s already built-in (although a white and grey primer are also available if you prefer that extra step). Not only that but it also has a very durable built-in top coat, which will make your project water, scuff and stain resistant after painting and it needs to cure for only SEVEN days for the full effects of the built-in top coat to be 100% effective (so quick!).

Check out the full range of beautiful colours right here at Little White Bird - proud to support an independent, home-grown, family-owned and environmentally-focused company!

NB. Don’t miss their famed Bioclean and Biostrip, both made from 100% all natural earth and human friendly ingredients so will cause you no harm and do not make any toxic fumes, meaning they’re safe to use in all unventilated areas, i.e., inside!